Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Requesting prayer for guidance

As the end of my undergrad experience at Wheaton rapidly approaches so do many decisions. Some possibilities have begun to materialize, but much still remains to be decided. Presently I am looking into the possibility of doing an internship with my church, Church of the Resurrection, in prayer and social justice. This would allow me to get some more ministry experience as well as to deepen my ties in what I consider my home church, a place I have come to really love. Also, it would be a time to explore the possibility of getting ordained through its denomination: AMiA (Anglican Missions in America).

My second tentative plan is to also begin a masters in Intercultural Studies at Wheaton. This would be great training in cross-cultural work, as a prepare for eventually moving to the Middle East. There is a fair amount of flexibility in the program and so I would seek to add in some classes in Conflict Transformation (possibly from a Mennonite seminary or university) to prepare for reconciliation work, something needed in almost every country of the Middle East (partially thanks to our foreign policy).

In all of this it is really easy to become quite anxious: "What am I going to actually do in the ME?" "Is this the best path to be taking?" "Am I rushing into this out of fear?" etc etc.

I request your prayers in this time for these decisions and also welcome any advice regarding these steps (especially regarding graduate work).

In all this I try to listen to Christ's words to me: "Don't worry, I'll be with you." May this be an encouragement to you as well.


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