Saturday, September 29, 2007

Future plans...?

City living has been great and full of adventure. Every day we are surrounded by people from all different cultures and languages. One day I counted hearing 5 or 6 languages just walking on the sidewalk and riding on public transportation. I have been able to build some relationships with some local Palestinians that work at a restaurant close to our house. One guy, a recent immigrant, has come over to our apartment four or five times now, each time bringing a different Palestinian sweet or pastry. He is studying English here and so I have been able to help him with his homework. It has been so fulfilling to be able to offer hospitality to those who have offered me SO much hospitality these last three summer in Jordan, Lebanon and the West Bank.

These last weeks I have been wracking my brains, trying to figure out what I am going to do after graduating this December. I have decided to live and work in the Middle East, but lots has to come together before that happens: a Masters, stronger ties with my church in Wheaton (Church of the Resurrection) and getting ordained through them, a team, etc. Learning Arabic is also in there. I am trying to figure out whether I should go to the Middle East for, say, a year and finish my Arabic study and then come back to the US for my masters or vice-versa. I am considering getting a masters in Conflict Transformation/Peace studies.

I appreciate your prayers in all of this, that God's peace would be with me and that I would trust his guidance and presence through this whole process. (If any of you have any advice/suggestion, please pass it on!).


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