Friday, October 26, 2007

Humanitarian Disaster in Gaza

Today the BBC reported ( that Israel approved to cut power to the Gaza strip in the case of future missile attacks. Israel presently supplies 60% of Gaza's electricity. While these missile attacks are terrible, this is NOT a proper response. This is collective punishment which is illegal by international law and only creates more terrorism and hatred due to the suffering of millions of innocent people. Gaza is already in a humanitarian nightmare due to a economic embargo by Israel and due to the fact that its seas, borders and air are completely controlled by Israel. Power cuts would only worsen the situation.

Just last year Israel bombed a power plant in Gaza, with huge repercussions on services such as hospitals, schools, etc. This was widely condemned by the international community as a war crime (see,7340,L-3308615,00.html). Now they are saying they want to encourage Gaza to develop its own power sources.

Please pray for the situation in Gaza and that Israel won't cut the power and that these rocket attacks would stop!

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