Thursday, June 26, 2008

quick udpate

I am a bit overdue for a good update. This has been a VERY full week, to say the least and I am exhausted. There is a lot I could write about. Overall things have gone really well and I have been able to meet some amazing people. It is really a privilege to be at a conference full of THE leaders of conservative Anglicanism in the world. At the same time I have seen how broken the church really is., Even here, despite all our finger pointing at the liberal church for its problems, we have been divided and have had our own issues here. I have see the lust for power and the game of power here like never before. Thank God for his mercy.

Today I took a group from the conference to Bethlehem (West Bank) to introduce them to the Palestinian situation. An amazing experience. I feel like crying as I write this. These people’s perspectives were changed for ever and I know that they will pray for peace in the this land back in their home countries. The Palestinians we visited were SO happy by our support (and by my Arabic). We brought joy and hope to their eyes. The day ended with an old man who was infront of us at the checkpoint who gave me a wooded cross made out of olive wood. HE was so grateful that we had come to work for peace and encourage his people. “by this you will remember me” he said. This is why I want to work in Israel/Palestine.

I will be here until Tuesday. The conference ends on Sunday and then I will be meeting with some people and visiting friends. I appreciate your continued prayers! J

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