Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Going to Israel! Miracle!

I got the long expected email invitation to the GAFCON conference in Jerusalem!! A miracle, praise the Lord! The catch is I have to now somehow round up the $ to get there :) I am requesting funds from my church so please pray. This is just a minor obstacle from God's perspective.

Assuming I am going, I will be leading a small delegation from my church including (likely) my pastor and a pastor from another local church. This is a huge responsibility and privilege. I can't believe it. I will now be scrambling to put all the details together. I need your prayers!

Today I arrived at Eastern Mennonite University in Virginia for my "peace camp." Two weeks of intensive classes in peacemaking. It has been amazing so far. There are 260 participants from 50 countries. Today I was one of the only white guys. I loved it ! I already have friends from India, Bosnia, Palestine, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Uganda, Zimabwe, etc. Beautiful.

Please stay in touch over the summer! Give me a call or pop me an email. I would love to hear form you.


kleigh19 said...

I'm so glad to hear you got the invite!!!

alli said...

Yea! Jonathan that's fantastic!!! I will definitely pray about the money and know that God will come through. I'm proud of you!- keep me updated on your summer. i'm wicked jealous :)