Monday, November 26, 2007

Nearing the end

(myself with my Palestinian friend, and Ryan, my roommate)

The end of the semester is near. Much has happened in the last weeks. Here are some quick summaries:

-It was my birthday yesterday and my roommates arranged a surprise party for me, including a home made cake in the shape of "the wall" in Palestine, that I quickly destroyed to everyone's joy ;)
-My parents and sister came up to my apartment for thanksgiving. With two of my roommates, a Palestinian friend and one of my roommate's Sri Lankan friends we made quite an interesting group.
-We are putting up our apartment for sub-lease, hoping to move back to Wheaton next semester where I'll be doing a church internship and starting grad school in intercultural studies.
-In December is my first meeting which starts my process of getting ordained through the Anglican Mission in America, the denomination my church, Church of the Resurrection is a part of. This is very exciting for me.
-Currently there is a Israeli/Palestinian peace conference in Annapolis. Expectations for results runs pretty low for both Israelis and Palestinians. We can be praying, however, that good will come from this.


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