Friday, July 27, 2007

A Meal for Mosquitos

This week has been an abnormal week, without much of the usual routine. Sunday night I went to a Messianic (though mostly evangelical) church in Jerusalem. There were some songs in Hebrew and I sat by a very eccentric jewish believer, originally from South Africa. It was a hard experience after being in "Arab-land" for so long and seeing all the difficulties experienced by people here. There was a brochure, for example, requesting prayer for those youth in the Israeli army who are "defending Zion", much like we would do in churches in the US. It was revolting to me, however. These soldiers make life a living hell for Palestinians, and yet the church was encouraging us to pray for their safety as they "protect" their country.

My next experience involved a solo expedition into Israel proper. After 5 buses and 5 1/2 hours, I arrived in Rame, a Druze (a branch off religion from Islam) village in the Galilee region. I stayed with a friend of a friend who refused to serve in the Israeli army and thus was jailed. Turns out this guy's father is a VERY famous Palestinian poet. I got to meet him briefly. I stayed overnight in Rame, and learned about how life is for Palestinian's who live withing Israel and are Israeli citizens (as opposed to West Bank and Gaza palestinians who don't have citizenship and are denied most rights). Life for them is very difficult also.

My third adventure involved volunteering at a summer children's camp, put on for the kids of the refugee camp where I live. The summer camp is at the local YMCA and involves camping and the usual camp activities. After the long trip back from the Galilee I went straight to camp and began helping out. That night I slept there and nearly got eaten alive by mosquitos (never again!). This camp lasts for 10 days and I will be helping on and off.

I have two weeks to go. Crazy! Please be in prayer for my remaining time here. Thanks for reading and caring! Salaam (peace).

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