Monday, June 4, 2007


Each day here is full of experiences, faces and emotions. It's hard enough to simply live it, harder yet to process it all and distill it into words.

In the last week I have experienced: a wedding here on the streets of the camp, a inter-family feud, seeing first hand illegal Israeli settlements, the building of the separation wall/fence that is cutting people from their land, a family that I'm pretty sure is trying to marry me off to their daughte and what seems like millions of faces and names and conversations. It is all very overwhelming. Add to that the fact that is has been hard to get good sleep at night and the fact that I am surrounded all day by a language that I have to work hard at understanding.

Arabic is going well, but it is hard to stay encouraged. The process of learning it is a roller coaster. Constantly I feel like I am not advancing very well or that it is a nearly impossible task. I want so much (so much!) to learn it and so I keep pushing and pushing. My Arabic classes I was taking were not helpful, so now I am trying to find a personal tutor. Please pray for an individual who can really be of help to me.

As far as NGO work is concerned I am now working 2 days a week with in a summer camp for kids and three days a week teaching english. I love the english teaching because it enables me to really help people and allows me to build relationships.

I won't be sending out emails anymore each time I update the blog. If you want to get an email each time I update the blog put your email address in the form on the right.

See the link in the post below if you would like to see some pictures.!


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kellycohen said...

Thought of you today as I received an email "from Jim Wallis" inviting me to attnend a watch party for an event on CNN tonight--Obama, Edwards, and Clinton are going to talk about faith and poverty. As there isn't a watch party in our area (dang Illinois) I'm going to head to SRC and demand that they let me watch CNN. Much love to you friend, you remain in my prayers.